BUYADSRADIO.com service was designed and implemented by nemo|online|, a company with many years of experience in the development and implementation of internet services.

nemo|online| is one of the fastest-growing Greek companies in the branch of online publications and services, constantly producing digital publications and services and offering end to end solutions in both areas.

In the digital publications field, nemo|online| has already developed and implemented a significant number of websites, providing content management solutions as well as website design solutions. In addition nemo|online| provides full technical to the aforementioned websites, as well as commercial representation to some of them. Through its network of websites, nemo|online| achieves a total coverage of more than 2.500.000 unique users, while offering at the same time technological solutions to a number of online media (enikos.gr, protagon.gr, yupiii.gr, tvshow.gr, etc) and e-shops.

In the digital services field, nemo|online| singles out as the company that designed the most integrated video publishing solution for the Greek Advertising Market, streamvideolabs.com. Based on this service, nemo|online| proceeded to develop and implement the most advanced video advertising network in Greece, vidads.net. At this moment, vidads.net supports more than 30 websites, having served more than 150.000.000 video views originating from more than 200 advertisers.

Since 2006 nemo|online| has been developing and implementing technologies and services for the digital world. Here are some of the projects we are proud of:
- We developed the original website for Athens Voice, www.athensvoice.gr
- We developed in cooperation with IMAKO Publications www.yupi.gr, the first Greek lifestyle website. A cooperation which is carried on today with Attica Publications and www.yupiii.gr
- We designed and implemented GOCAR, the only Greek digital medium for Automobiles, which is truly available in multi-screen and cross-platform environments. GOCAR offers premium content via its website (www.gocar.gr), Android Application (for smartphones & tablets), iOS Application (for iPhones), interactive Magazine for iPads and LG Smart TV Application
- We designed and implemented www.stardome.gr , the largest online Greek astrological community.
- We designed and implemented www.deasy.gr , the Greek website for technology, which is also available with original content as an interactive magazine for tablets.
- We manage the commercial representation of www.comedylab.gr, the most popular Greek comedy website with original content. www.comedylab.gr is also the most popular Greek channel on YouTube
- We are cooperating with Attica Publications in the areas of management, support and billing for the implementation of www.ilovetv.gr, the first fully integrated Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) platform in Greece.

If you wish to learn more about the activities of nemo|online|, visit us at www.nemoonline.gr .